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regarding Clashing Spiral/Spiral Pierce skill

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1 regarding Clashing Spiral/Spiral Pierce skill on Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:12 am


FROM pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online)

i dunno why...but Spiral Pierce/Clashing Spiral from jetRO seems to be too you can see my screenshot from CS there is what's its normal damage to a Poring...but if i try to use it on some monsters like Egnizem Cenia, its damage will only reach about 25 to 28k with THAT kind of weapon....if i used a would probably take about 23 to 26k....when i tested CS in jetRO....i was like: WTF?! when i saw the damage dealt by my CS on only reached 2k+ damage using a Lance which has 340 or 380 weight....

the description of Spiral Pierce/Clashing Spiral is the damage dealt is 350% and is also based on skill level AND weapon weight. i think this skill should be fixed.

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lance equipped.

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