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3rd job genetic skills problem

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1 3rd job genetic skills problem on Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:35 pm

well ,as the tittle says there is a problem with the genetic skills, i will try to say one by one.


fire expansion

this skill can only be used once you cast demonic fire and according to the lvlof fire expansion you use is the effect that it does and also the catalyst it needs and the problem here is that lvl 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 the catalyst aren't available

these are catalyst that needed

lvl 1 Oil bottle

lvl 2 Explosive powder

lvl 3 Smokescreen pownder

lvl 4 Tear gas


hell plant

well i tried this skill and the problem is that when you cast hell plant it hits only 1 time and the other thing is that it deals alot of dammage , when i tested it on an anubis the dammage was 8000 and when the plant hit the anubis the plant vanished and also it cost me a plant bottle (/sob) since no plant bottle is needed

i dont really know if this skill is working right because i have played 3rd class before with a genetic and it wasn't anything like that but if the skill is supposed to work like that i will later post a suggestion in another time


howling of mandragora

i can cast it but when i do it appears skill fail


cart cannon

when i try to cas it there is a message and telll me to equip arrows (???)


Spore Explosion

i can't cast this skill because the catalyst: Explosive Mushroom Spore is not available


i can't cast the skills that requires thorny seed , like thorn trapn thorny sed is not available


blood sucker

i can't cast this cuase blood Sucker Seed

so in a summary all the items needed are

Oil bottle
Explosive Powder
Smokescreen Powder
Tear Gas
Thorny Seed
Blood Sucker Seed
Explosive Mushroom Spore

currently this are all the problems i know.

thx for reading.

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